Metaphor for Teaching English Vocabulary

  • Ayad Inad Khalaf Directorate of Religious Education and Islamic Studies - Baghdad, Sunni Endowment Diwan, Presidency of the Council of Ministers


For studying English as a language most learners memorize vocabulary mechanically with unpleasant results. To avoid or reduce such problems, teachers can vary their styles in teaching vocabulary by mixing their ways with using metaphor. Metaphors, as they are fixed in language users' mind and can be remembered for a long time, are good tool for teaching and attracting learners to develop many aspects of their language; including vocabulary. This paper will give a brief discussion about using metaphor in teaching vocabulary and help learners to learn vocabulary thoroughly, systematically, and efficiently. The results suggested some ways of using metaphor in teaching vocabulary that lead to develop the ability of the learners in categorizing things in the world, developing thinking by developing semantic maps about various ideas in the world. Moreover, learners can Chains lexis together in a more memorable set of associations, and can develop their imagination in thinking and building vocabulary. This paper emphasizes the need to take into account the impact of teaching metaphors on developing the ability of the learners in memorizing and learning vocabulary that, in turn, develop their English in general.

Sep 23, 2020
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