Purposes of rumors and risks and methods of dealing with them and their relationship in ways of thinking

  • Sahib Asad Wais University of Samarra / College of Education


The research aims to identify the purposes for which the rumors aim to achieve, and the methods used to deal with, and the relationship of these methods (dealing with rumors methods) methods of thinking in Samarra University students, the research sample of (507) students of whom (314 males and 193 students) were randomized from the College of Education in Samarra University, dish researcher them special identification purposes rumors and risks and ways to deal with it after it has prepared and extraction validity and reliability, as well as test (Harrison & Bramson 1982) to ways of thinking, and use the search of statistical methods: averages and Chi-square and Pearson correlation coefficient and coefficient (Kendalls tau _ b), the research found that the most prominent purposes rumors are: political miscarriage, investment hate, give hope, create the atmosphere of an event, and palpate the pulse, and the most prominent risks were: to spread terror, insecurity psychological, killing morale, increased violence, sow discord and disagreement, sow despair, and destabilize national security.
     The research found that more methods of dealing with rumors widely used by students is to certify method, followed by scrutiny and criticism style, and the style of broadcast news, and finally ignore style, and with regard to the relationship between the methods of dealing with rumors and ways of thinking research has come to the presence of relational Related statistically significant differences between the way of dealing (scrutiny and criticism) and the method of analytical thinking, and the method of dealing (ignore) the perfect style of thinking and style of practical thinking, and in the light of the findings of the researcher researcher presented a set of recommendations and proposals.
Keywords: rumors, rumors purposes, the risk of rumors, the methods of dealing with rumors, thinking methods.

Apr 5, 2019
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