Spatial variation of quality of the gap in population compositions in Walton Bridge

  • Tawafan Satam Hasan University of Kirkuk / College of Education for Humanities Sciences


Gender a broad term used in the social sciences, which replaced the term sex-based biological basis, a study of the  interrelationship between males and females in society, and called on the relationship nominate gender and are governed by specific and different factors, economic, social, political, cultural and environmental, are intended installation qualitative distribution of the study area community by sex to males and females in order to stand over the balance of this community population in terms of the type of population, and the impact of the variation in the composition of economic and social activities and roles of the population in different areas of life.
The per capita index of years of education of scales most manifestation of the condition of education of the population, on education as a cumulative phenomenon utilized with the total cumulative years of education, according to type as one of the gender gap of population indicators, and also can monitor the gender gap in economic activities through the examination and analysis of a range of indicators that associated with these activities, as well as other indicators that have been addressed in this research, which focused on the show gender gap of population structures in the study area.

Apr 5, 2019
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