Paul Ricoeur and Epistemology history

  • Kamiron Mohammed Kadir University of Sulaymaniyah / College of Humanities Sciences


The nineteenth century is called the century of history due to the dominance of Hegel’s philosophy of history on the one hand, and the massive revolution by both German Method School led by (Leopold von Ranke) and French Method School which resulted in historical method and knowledge, on the other hand. That was joined later by French Annales school led by both Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch in the twentieth century, particularly in the historic speech by Fernand Braudel in which he connected the historical dimension with the interconnection of the various branches of humanities in one complete unit, on the other hand.
     Using some terms such as (memory, documents, narration, interpretation, understanding, etc.), Paul Ricoeur criticized both schools and postulated his global view of historical knowledge.

Apr 5, 2019
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