The influence of the old racial laws to the laws of the Kingdom of 1620-1400 BC Hittite

  • Jia Fakri Omar Northern Technical University / Technical Institute - Kirkuk


At first we did not know that the Hittite their own as in Mesopotamia laws, but legal panels discovered in large archives Hatusha within the royal court of justice or the Supreme Court in Boğazköy site, It written on slabs of clay and two-sided, included a set of laws and in cuneiform Hittite, With this, the Hittites arranged sets timetable after the Sumerians, the Akkadians, and the role of the old Babylonian, and Elamites, and the role of the old Assyrian, and then the Hittite role and Subartians,, then the Assyrian role talking and after the Babylonian role to talk, and so the Hittite Code on clay tablets laws are not the preserve of Mesopotamia but included other areas adjacent to the culture of the Sumerian, Babylonian, and here they do not include one legal area but several legal areas in the ancient Near East, it is natural that development three thousand years took Since the first appearance of legal material on clay tablets in Mesopotamia, and when comparing laws Hittite with the laws of Mesopotamia, we find affected Hittite legal materials with those of the old Iraq. Both uses the words (if a man ...) and then followed by the article and then the legal or financial sanctions strict ones, there is a natural change in the Hittite laws in line with the nature of society there.

Apr 5, 2019
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