Human rights violations under the American-British occupation of Iraq (2003 -2004)

  • Majid Hadab Halhool University of Samarra / College of Education


Iraq fell under the yoke of the American- British Occupation in the April 9, 2003, and the Resolution 1483 issued by the UN Security Council knew their presence in Iraq as a military Occupation, and there fore it was necessary to apply the International agreements, especially the 1949 Genera conventions as well as the International convenants including the Human Rights and respect of his being and not being tortured, because the International convenants prevented the torture in all its forms. They considered it as a crime against the humanity no statute of limitating its time.
The research dealt with the rights of prisoners in accordance with the International convenants and Genera conventions, in particular the respect of their rights and that they were not hurt and torture; and they were asked only on their names and the numbers of military units. After the war was over, they released, but the U.S.A and Britain violated their rights approved in the International law and didn’t release them.

Apr 5, 2019
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