Analysis of agricultural investment systems using technology (GIS) (Empirical Study of Balad)

  • Dafer Ibrahim Taha University of Tikrit / College of Education for Humanities Sciences
  • Ahmed Mohammed Jehad Al-Anbar Education Directorate


The research seeks to use GIS software (GIS) for the analysis of systems of agricultural investment and production of geographical maps (with dimension-2D dimension (3D) and the review of the practical side of the map analysis and display charts to demonstrate the installation of systems of agricultural investment in the research area, it has become the geographical Agricultural frontrunner of these new technologies, particularly the uses of agricultural land, and the geographical distribution of agricultural crops, and systems analysis of agricultural investment and distribution of forest and land cover, and others. was hiring program (arcmap9.3) and software (f GIS) and software (Grapher Demo. )
          Was selected as the subject of agricultural investment systems mainly for the application of these methods and spend a specific country as a search for not being exposed to previous studies (using GIS) from the agricultural side in the representation of spatial analysis and maps of the third dimension, as well as being an agricultural nature and clear.

Apr 5, 2019
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TAHA, Dafer Ibrahim; JEHAD, Ahmed Mohammed. Analysis of agricultural investment systems using technology (GIS) (Empirical Study of Balad). Journal of Al-Frahedis Arts | مجلة آداب الفراهيدي, [S.l.], n. 26, p. 153-170, apr. 2019. ISSN 2663-8118. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 20 oct. 2021. doi: