Means awareness of love and hate in the Holy Quran (the study of morphological tag)

  • Faiha Kahtan Mamdouh University of Tikrit / College of Education for Humanities Sciences


The significance of this research that study Bocharf speech and best male, the Koran, which bounty on other talk like the superiority of Allah Almighty on His creation, and which He revealed God Almighty guidance for all mankind, it is search dealt with the specific words (words of love and hate)
    In the Koran, and dealt with the morphological aspect of these words., Titled (love and hate in the Koran morphological study)
I have adopted in this research on the Holy Book in addition to the language books and dictionaries and commentaries (k book Sibawayh, and the brief of the cooler, and the sequel to Abu Ali Persian, interesting, great for the son of a bird, and the weights of the act and their meanings, Dr. Hashim Taha, and a glossary eye Frahedy dictionary Ocean Firuzabadi, but San Arabs Ibn Manzur , and the interpretation of Al-Razi, and the ocean sea to Abu Hayyan, editing and enlightenment to Ben Achour.
    The research includes an introduction, three sections, and the extension of the Quranic verses Fezta (love and hate), and the most important conclusion of the search results, and a list of sources and references.

Apr 5, 2019
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