Dispute in grammar acts in a book on Altaliqh close to Ibn al-Halabi copper (T 698 H)

  • Ali Mutar Jarw Al-Anbar University / College of Education for Humanities Sciences


All praise belongs to Allah, the lord of all beings. Blessings and peace be upon the most noble of Messengers, the prophet Mohammed and his relatives and companions.
This is the abstract of this paper which is entitled the "Grammatical dispute in Arabic verbs as it is found in "Al- Ta'alika Ela Al-Mukarrab", by Ibin Al Nahass Al-Haliby.
    (D.698 AH). The recent paper is consisted of two sections preceded by an introduction and prelude and followed by a conclusion. First of all, the introduction is allocated to show the approach that I have adopted in this paper. Whereas, the prelude is totally devoted to talk about the life and work of Ibin Al-Nahass Al-Haliby. As for the two sections: the first one is about the grammatical dispute in the Arabic verbs that can be parsed; and it is divided into three subsections. While, the other section is about the verbs that cannot be parsed and it is also divided into four subsections.
Practically, the sections are entitled in a way that each title discloses directly its subject matter. Besides, each subject is also tackled as it was seen by Ibin Al-Nahass. Moreover, I have done my best to classify each subject into approaches. Naming the pioneer of each approach and the proofs and facts he utilized and how each pioneer has refuted the other proofs. Then, I've mentioned Ibin Al- Nahass's point of view about each subject and the approach he preferred most.
     Finally, I forward a conclusion that contains all the results that I've came up with in my research. Summing up, we pray to Allah to bless us with beneficial knowledge and a work He accepted most, only Him is capable of doing that. And all praise is due to Him the lord of all beings.

Apr 5, 2019
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