Israeli nuclear power - A study of the origins, motives and abilities

  • Dari Sarhan Humadi University of Tikrit / College of Political Sciences


Since Israel Occupied the Arabian´s Palestinian lands in 1948،Started moving with quickly Steps Using different means، to get the nuclear technology.
To achieve this purpose، Israel Used the Obscurity policy. According to this policy، Israel refused to Join in the nuclear disarmament convention in 1968. There were many reasons which had important effect that helped Israel to have the nuclear technology، like the jewish personalities role، besides the role of the scientists by their efforts which they did in this subject، Israel became The sixth nuclear country.
It said that Israel has (100- 500) nuclear rockets. We must also remind that there were other reasons made Israel to become developed nuclear country. One of these reasons، the geographic reason، the demographic reason and the security reason. we can say that، be the helping of USA and France، Israel had the nuclear technology.
Israel had everything that helped to have the nuclear reactors، nuclear rapid machines and the observation rays stations، besides the universities that study the nuclear technology.

Mar 30, 2019
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