The effect of the electronic educational method in memorizing the Holy Quran (short fence) in kindergartens

  • Marwan Hakam Tawfiq University of Tikrit / College of Education for Girls


The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of the electronic learning method in memorizing the Holy Quran (short fence) in kindergartens. To achieve the goal of the research, the researcher chose the Tikrit Kindergarten for children intentionally from kindergartens belonging to the General Directorate of Salahaddin Governorate. And the officer) the preliminary grade for the academic year 2016 - 2017. The researcher used the teaching of the subject of the study material and prepared an oral test in the Surat (6) short wall of the Koran for conservation through the educational method named by the KE manufactured by (the Koran teacher), speaking in Arabic and orally may use statistical researcher means the following: -
1.T-test for two independent samples to determine the difference between the two groups and the equivalence of the two groups of research for age.
2 - Kay box (Ka 2) to equal the educational achievement of the parents of the two research groups.
3- Pearson correlation coefficient to extract stability.
4 - Spearman - Brown equation to extract stability.
    The results of the current research revealed that the researcher found a difference of statistical significance, which exceeded the experimental group that studied the Quran (Short Surge) according to the electronic teaching method (the Quran) on the control group which studied the Quran (short fence) according to the normal method of Riyadh (0.05) as well as the females and males of the experimental group on the females of the control group at the end of the experiment, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations, including:
Preparation of training programs by the competent committees of educators and supervisors specialized in the Ministry of Education Division of preparation and training to develop programs and training courses to inform them on electronic teaching methods in order to keep abreast of scientific and technological development in the world.

2.In order to build the personality of the Muslim child and to acquire knowledge and psychological skills we are working to help the child reach the goal of the future through electronic educational mean.

Mar 30, 2019
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