Book of Analytical Catalogs of Islamic Economics

  • Hind Yusof Majid Tikrit University


The book "The Analytical Catalogs of the Islamic Economy", which is located in (24 part) under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Douri, a great Iraqi historian known as the Sheikh of Arab historians, who was interested in highlighting the economic aspects in the Arab Islamic country and the promise of the worker The economic factor of events, and was a doctorate in the direction of economic direction, where he studied the history of Iraq's economic in the fourth century AH 0
    I have chosen to research this book under the title: (Book of the analytical catalogs of the Islamic economy reading and review (Part I: a model)) as the importance of this book is to shed light on the texts of the Islamic economy in general alphabetical order and the interest of many researchers in it Building and enriching economic thought in general    I considered the selection of the first part of this book as a model in this study due to the multiplicity of parts of the other books, which are difficult to grasp in a single research. This research is an economic study of the contents of this book.

Mar 30, 2019
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