• Journal of Al-Farahidi's Arts | مجلة آداب الفراهيدي

    Journal of Al-Farahidi's Arts:
        A quarterly scientific journal issued by the College of Arts at Tikrit University and concerned with humanities research in both Arabic and English in the following six disciplines:

    • Research and Studies of Arabic Language and Literature.

    • Historical and Archaeological Research and Studies.

    • Applied Research and Geography Studies.

    • Media and Political Research and Studies.

    • Social and Intellectual Research.

    • Studies in Translation and Literature.

        The first issue was published in December 2009, and the Journal has an international number for paper publishing: (2074-9554) and an international number for electronic publishing (8118-2663) and has a deposit number in the House of Books and Documentation in Baghdad with the number (1602 of 2011). So far, the Journal has published regularly (51) issues.